The Coverts Project Challenge




Every September a new class of COVERTS Cooperators attends a 3 day seminar at Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, CT.  They receive free training in forest, wildlife ecology and habitat management from a talented group of professionals.

In exchange they accept the following Cooperator Challenges:













COVERTS Challenge #1: Apply what you learn at the Coverts seminar on your own woodland and/or a woodland that you are involved in managing.

For example you could:


Develop a sound forest and wildlife management plan:

Contact your local CT DEEP Service Forester to arrange an on-site visit.

Contact UConn Extension Forestry to arrange a S.W.A.T. visit.

Attend a Forest Stewardship Short Course training with UConn Extension Forestry.

Contact the Natural Resources Conservation Service for advice and assistance with developing your management plan.

Contact a consulting Forester.


Practice habitat stewardship activities on your own woodland such as:


Control or remove invasive plant species such as Japanese Barberry for improved forest health.

Create new or improve existing wildlife habitat such as early successional or grassland habitat;

Conduct a timber harvest or woodland thinning for forest stand improvement;

Develop recreational trails or features to enhance the enjoyment of your woods.




COVERTS Challenge #2: Be a resource in your community.

Maintain an up-to-date set of reference materials (provided by the Coverts Project) and be available to answer questions other landowners have



COVERTS Challenge #3: Conduct one Outreach event or activity (use your experience and your woodland to teach others).

Make an active effort to reach out to and motivate other woodland owners in your community through media, local fairs and events or school activities;

Conduct or organize educational tours, site visits and presentations.



To learn more about the Coverts Project or to apply to become a cooperator:
Write us at:
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1066 Saybrook Road, PO Box 70

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Phone (860) 345-5232
Or e-mail:

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