Selected References for Fund Raising for Urban and Community Forestry

This web page offers urban and community tree activists a short list of fund raising references to help volunteer tree groups raise funds for projects. It should be noted that there is a great deal of literature on fund raising but that even seasoned fund raising professionals come to rely on only a couple of publications.

Many of these publications may be found in your local library or purchased from or ordered through a book store.


Annual Survey of Corporate Contributions. Published annually. The Conference Board, Inc., New York. Complete Guide to Planned Giving. Debra Ashton. 1988. JLA Publications: Cambridge. 406 pp. Grass Roots Fund Raising Book. Joan Flanagan. 1982. The Youth Project, Washington D.C. 244 pp. Partnerships in Funding the Urban and Community Forest. Robert M. Ricard. 1991. University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System. 4 pp. Securing Your Organization's Future: A Complete Guide to Fund Raising Strategies. Michael Seltzer. 1987. The Foundation Center, New York. 514 pp. What Volunteers Should Know for Successful Fund Raising. Maurice G. Gurin. 1981. Stein and Day, New York. 151 pp.


Connecticut Foundation Directory. Michael E. Burns, editor. 1994-1995. The Development and Technical Assistance Center, Inc., (D.A.T.A.), New Haven. 573 pp. Doing Best By Doing Good: How to Use Public-Purpose Partnerships to Boost Corporate Profits and Benefit Your Community. Richard Steckel and Robin Simons. 1992. Dutton Publishers, New York. Environmental Grantmaking Foundations. 1992. Environmental Data Research Institute, Rochester, NY. 490 pp. Foundation Directory. Loren Renz, editor. Published annually. The Foundation Center, New York. Grant Seekers Guide, 3rd Edition. Jill R. Shellow and Nancy C. Stella, editors. 1989. National Network of Grantmakers, New York. 859 pp. Proposal Writer's Guide. Michael E. Burns. 1990. The Development and Technical Assistance Center, Inc., (D.A.T.A.), New Haven. 35 pp.


Managing the Nonprofit Organization. Peter G. Drucker. 1990. Harper Collins Publishers, New York. 235 pp. Nonprofit Organization: An Operating Manual. Thomas Wolfe. 1984. Prentice Hall PRess, New York. 183 pp. The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 5th Edition. Bruce R. Hopkins. 1987. John Wiley and Sons, New York. 949 pp.


How to Make Citizen Involvement Work: Strategies for Developing Clout. Duane Dale. 1978. Citizen Involvement Training Project, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 92 pp. The Successful Volunteer Organization. Joan Flanagan. 1981. Contemporary Books, Inc., Chicago. 376 pp.


Filthy Rich and Other Nonprofit Fantasies. Richard Steckel. 1989. Ten Speed Press, New York. 223 pp. If It Ain't Broke...Break It! Robert J. Kriegel. 1991. Warner Books, New York. 284 pp. Grit, Guts and Genius. John Hillkirk and Gary Jacobson. 1990. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 283 pp. Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun. Wess Roberts. 1987. Warner Books, New York. 110 pp.

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