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Forestry and Natural Resources Undergraduate Program

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, generates new knowledge by conducting research, and provides extension and outreach programs in the field of natural resources management, engineering and environmental science.

UConn Forest

The 580-acre Fenton Tract is the largest parcel of the UConn Forest. It is located east of the campus along the Fenton River. The forest communities range from 30 to 110 years in age. Currently the Fenton Tract and other forest parcels are managed by the Natural Resources Management and Environments Department at the University of Connecticut.

Trails run through environmentally sensitive areas of the UConn Forest and are not suitable for all types of trail use. These trails include the Nipmuck Trail, which is wonderful for hiking and backpacking alike, Forest Management Demonstration Traill, perfect for hiking and wildlife viewing. Also, many others designated area throughout the forest are suitable for multiple uses such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, etc. (Fenton Tract Trail Map)

UConn Soil and Water Conservation Society

The UConn Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is a student club open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The UConn-SWCS promotes the wise use of soil, water and related natural resources in Connecticut through advocacy, professional development, and public education.

Forestry and Wildlife Club Members of the Forestry and Wildlife Club include students from a number of different majors who share an interest in the outdoors and natural resources. Activities include hiking, beekeeping, sweet apple cider-making, kayaking, trail maintenance, wood duck box maintenance, and care of the Uconn forest. 

UConn Wildlife Society A student organization operating at UConn, that focuses on promoting wildlife conservation through both education and action. Although the club works closely with the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, students of all majors with an interest in wildlife are encouraged to participate.

UConn Natural Resource Conservation Academy (NRC) Academy is an innovative program in conservation and land use planning targeted toward Connecticut high school students. Students participating in the NRC Academy will be educated in a wide range of topics related to natural resources and the environment, including units on climate, water, wetlands, wildlife, landscape ecology and habitat protection.

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